Few words about us.

Creative Construction is a family business based in the village of Pefkohori on the very popular peninsula Kassandra on Halkidiki, Greece. With more than 15 Years of experience in the United Kingdom, energy-saving measures like External or Internal wall insulation, Roof insulation, efficient windows and doors, Solar panel systems to produce free electricity, Efficient Heating, and Hot water systems.

The company employs highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in design and construction, we pride ourselves on our solid performance, total commitment, quality of work, and our high standard of customer care. Our aim for the future is to continue our fast and efficient pace, but also explore new areas of construction with more emphasis on protecting the environment and building more energy-efficient projects.

Our Services

We strive to achieve our mission and vision, as we have adopted quality standards, work ethic, and principles, which we adhere to daily, in all our projects. Our Company, in collaboration with specialized workshops, undertakes a number of services for:

  • Luxury Residential Construction

  • Luxury Villas

  • Energy Efficiency Subsidy Solutions

  • Energy Saving Solutions

  • Real Estate, Remuneration

  • Property development & management

  • Reconstructions and Renovations

  • Demolitions and Repairs

The location

Creative Construction is located in Pefkohori, one of the most beautiful villages in Halkidiki. Pefkohori is located towards the end of the Kassandra peninsula. Just the name can give a sense of the environment of this village. The village has two sides that are separated by the main road that runs all around the peninsula of Kassandra.

The old village with its typical alleys that all lead to the beautiful and comfortable landscaped square, where you will find restaurants, and a variety of shops, there you will meet people who will offer the traditional hospitality of Halkidiki. Crossing the streets of the village you will see the beautiful gardens of houses with blooming lemon (characteristic of the village), Jasmine, and a great variety of roses. These will all add to the enjoyment and sense of well-being that comes with living in a developed tourist beach area.

Visit the place

Villa Alexia, is a fully refurbished brand new property, with a private space, private parking, a private swimming pool, a Quiet neighborhood, 800m from the village, 200m from the seaside, free beachside, and several beach bars around.

The beautiful 1Km Pefkohori beach in front of the whole village is awash with blues and turquoise colors and the purity of the crystal-clear water is the heart of the ‘hidden paradise’ of Halkidiki. With a sandy beach that gives you the feel of velvet, you will have the opportunity to escape from everyday life. Then it’s time that the lights of boutiques, bars, discos, and restaurants.